Innovation at Its Finest

What essentially powers up Ven Ray Construction that it reached as far as winning the coveted “Best Boutique Developer” in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia in 2016?

Finding the real strength of a company means unearthing the true spirit that is never shaken despite the colossal challenge ahead.

Venus and Ray always go back to their roots. Their immense concern over some 1000 employees is nourished by the sentiment upon their simple lives in the past. The attainment of strength over the years is a collective effort of patience and commitment to serve the clients better every time.

They also pass the legacy to their children, Samantha and Ray Patrick, who now have taken upon them the principles of building massive infrastructure toward the development of the nation and the globe.

With AppleOne Properties Inc. (API), Ven Ray Construction is launched globally. Hearing of AppleOne Banawa Heights acclaimed as the “Best Condo Development” in Cebu, people would come to know of the growing sense of excellent uniqueness offered to valued clients who never settle for less.

The company contributes a compelling destination, where staying at the economic epicenter of the South is as enjoyable with the refreshing aura of the exclusive subdivision of towers, villas and mansionettes.

Promoting Cebu’s very vibrant culture, API brings excitement to its clients. Bonding with family, friends and colleagues gives a superb experience  in the place that not only features privacy but also security. Ven Ray Construction Corporation knows how to serve you best.


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