On the Cutting edge of Construction Technology

Ven Ray Construction Corporation is aided with state-of-the art equipment and machinery, providing the fastest way to finish a day’s work. Following timelines makes the company an outstanding business partner with cutting-edge technology.

With the partnership of AppleOne Mactan Inc. and Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide Inc. sealed in 2015, Ven Ray Construction Corporation has provided AppleOne Mactan, Inc., a subsidiary of AppleOne Properties Inc., an arm  to realize an ambitious, unadulterated  sanctuary for those who are looking for a paradise to stay in Cebu’s stunning island of Mactan.

Where pristine waters meet the Sheraton Mactan Resort to open in 2019, the magic of building the property will always run through the Ven Ray Construction Corporation’s machines that have been proven for years. Considering the edgy designs of modern architecture, only those equipment that could cope with intricate plans may accomplish the tasks.

Manning these technologies, VRCC employees see things done with diligence honed through time. The company complies with ISO standards to ensure that both machines and individuals execute accurately to safeguard what it has been known for years now.


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